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Do you ever feel like life happens to you? Like you’re in a boat, floating on the waves, being tossed around by whatever circumstances seem to take over at any given time?

I want to help you make 2023 different.

I want to help you head into 2023 with a solid plan, so this will be the year you finally achieve some of the goals you’ve been talking about for years, take better care of your body, spend time with the people who really matter, attend to your mental well-being, get/stay on top of your finances, and stop getting sucked into the Bermuda Triangle of Life Happening To You instead of living a life designed especially for you!

In this six-session coaching series, I will walk you through looking back, taking a realistic look at your current season and circumstances, identifying where you want to be, and creating a plan to help you get closer to that place.

Will this coaching series make everything perfect? Nope. Because we can only control so much. But having a plan can help make the unforeseen circumstances and unexpected interruptions easier to manage.

Many times, we live in a state of constant reaction—reacting to the people and circumstances around us, rather than being proactive about the things that shape the lives we lead.

What would happen if you approached 2023 proactively? What if you went into the new year with a solid plan?

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Here’s exactly what you can expect:

Session 1: 2022 Year in Review

Using your calendar or datebook or planner, I’ll walk with you through 2022 and identify what worked and what didn’t. What do you want more or less of in 2023? You’ll leave this session with a “Wheel of Life” assignment, which we will work from in session two.

Session 2: Wheel of Life

In this session, we will review the results of your Wheel of Life assessment. Here’s where we will begin to discover where we will focus our attention as we look ahead. What are your “big rocks?” What are your negotiables? What are the pebbles that need to be sifted out? This is when we will discern what Essentialism author Greg McKeown calls, “the trivial many from the essential few” and get to the heart of what you want 2023 to look like.

Session 3: Week Map

In this session, we will use a resource I have used with many of my clients: a Week Map. A Week Map is simply a spreadsheet where we systematically input the components that make up our lives. We start with sleep and meals, and work from there, taking your circumstances and priorities into account. And because we know that our Week Map shifts from season to season, we’ll create a Week Map for every season. For example, my Week Map during the school year looks really different from my Week Map when the kids are on holiday or summer breaks! Creating Week Maps helps you think differently about your most precious resource: TIME. This mindset shift will carry through into 2023 and give you parameters for how you will steward this precious resource.

Session 4: Resources 

In this session, we will talk through your other resources as they currently stand. Resources include finances, health, community support, relationships, and more. We will also identify where you would like to increase your resources. For example, do you want to increase your income? Carve out more free time? Invest in deeper relationships? Improve your physical or mental health?

Session 5: White Space

A desperately undervalued component of life is what I call “white space.” In the design world, white space refers to the area between the design elements. In life, “white space” is the parts of our lives that are not planned by design—call it margin, buffer, free time. This session will focus on building in white space to your calendar throughout the year, giving you breathing room, space to explore, dream, and just be.

Session 6: Designing 2023

In the final session, we will look at all of the information we’ve gathered from the previous five sessions and design the new year. We will plug in, block out, prioritize, and plan a calendar year designed with your values, goals, and priorities in mind.

My Promise To You & a Money-Back Guarantee:

It goes without saying that I can’t promise 2023 will be your “best year yet.” No one can promise that, because no one knows what might happen this year. But having a plan will make you better equipped to handle whatever challenges come your way. A designed life that takes into account our priorities and resources provides a framework on which to build.

The total cost for all six sessions is $300. Once you schedule your first session and pay the fee, you will receive links to schedule the remaining five sessions (at no additional cost).

While I can’t guarantee that 2023 will be your best year yet, I can promise that you will finish our six sessions together with a solid plan for 2023.

If you don’t, I’ll give you your money back.

What do you have to lose?