Welcome to my home on the web!

I’m Christy Tennant Krispin, and I’m a Professional and Personal Development Coach. I love working with all sorts of clients, but my sweet spots are leaders in transition and professionals who have children at home. High capacity means high potential for sacrifice and burnout, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can flourish at work and at home!

My approach to coaching reflects my belief that life is a tapestry, not a pie chart.

Body, mind, soul… it’s all connected! I will coach you to identify areas where you might be stuck, get to the root of your roadblocks, and explore realistic, specific, tangible steps that will help you reach your goals.

Full Disclosure: I come from a Christian perspective.

I am a coach, not a spiritual director or pastor. However, I naturally take a pastoral approach, and whether we share a faith background or not, I am always mindful of the role spirituality plays in our pursuit of wholeness.

I also take a trauma-informed approach.

As a foster parent for over eight years, I have spent years in trauma-informed spaces, Trauma Family Therapy to Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Rather than implying “What’s wrong with you?” I help you explore “What happened to you?” The circumstances of life affect us across the board. The place of pain is not often the source of pain, and over time, and as we build trust with one another, I encourage my clients to “go there” in the pursuit of true, lasting wellness and flourishing, which has a profound effect on our professional and personal lives.

I encourage every prospective client to book a free initial Coaching Session.

It’s important to me that you and I both feel like we are a good fit for each other before you invest in hiring me to work with you. From there, you can choose to book a series of six sessions at a time (recommended for most effective coaching) or book individual sessions as needed. Also, while I am grateful for my clients who are able to pay my full rate, I also recognize that we all have seasons of life when we cannot afford the very help we need. I never want cost to prevent the right clients from working with me, so I hold a limited number of spaces for my Pay-What-You-Wish clients. All booking and pricing info is here!

Client Feedback

“Christy is wise, insightful and restrained. She knew what to ask to lead me to seek my own inner wisdom vs. just handing me an answer, though I imagine she could have done that! She did a great job helping me clarify what I was trying to learn or do and then clarified again whether we were making progress towards it. I found that (and her whole process and demeanor) enormously helpful.”

“When I started working with Christy, I was an overwhelmed wreck.  She not only helped me to organize my business but she helped me define my goals and aspirations more clearly.  I truly can’t say enough about the strength she has helped me uncover about myself. I highly recommend her!”

“Christy is a naturally curious person who brings a wealth of life experience to inform the coaching framework she works within. She is always challenging herself to help her client break through barriers and come to a new place of freedom. She is empathetic and creates a safe space, offering an authentic place for real personal growth and discovery to happen.”

I found the time together enormously helpful. You’re really good at this. I was left, each time, with practical helps and something deeper to think about.”

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