Client Feedback

“Christy is wise, insightful and restrained. She knew what to ask to lead me to seek my own inner wisdom vs. just handing me an answer, though I imagine she could have done that! She did a great job helping me clarify what I was trying to learn or do and then clarified again whether we were making progress towards it. I found that (and her whole process and demeanor) enormously helpful.”

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“It is such a blessing to have Christy as my life coach! Her love for people join and her passion for helping others is what I admire most about her.”

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“When I started working with Christy, I was an overwhelmed wreck.  She not only helped me to organize my business but she helped me define my goals and aspirations more clearly.  I truly can’t say enough about the strength she has helped me uncover about myself. I highly recommend her!”

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“Christy is a naturally curious person who brings a wealth of life experience to inform the coaching framework she works within. She is always challenging herself to help her client break through barriers and come to a new place of freedom. She is empathetic and creates a safe space, offering an authentic place for real personal growth and discovery to happen.”

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I am so grateful for your counsel. You are a wonderful coach.”